Ground Engineering Contracting Co.

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As one of the largest Saudi entities in the field of Specialized Engineering and Contracting, Ground Engineering Contractors (GEC) owns and operates an extensive array of ground improvement and piling equipment in the Kingdom. Our capabilities span the whole of municipal, infrastructure, and industrial development enabling us to offer every type of on-shore and off-shore piling works. With highly qualified and experienced staff, and state-of-the-art equipment, GEC has successfully planned and completed a wide range of large-scale and time-sensitive projects in the Kingdom. For 20 years our clients have been able to depend on us to guide them through projects from inception, to selecting optimum engineering methods to timely completion of works.

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  • Civil engineering
    • Construction of roads and railways
      • Other construction activities of roads, bridges, tunnels and railways n.e.c.
    • Construction of utility projects
      • Other utility projects construction activities n.e.c.
    • Construction of other civil engineering projects
      • Other construction works, other than buildings, such as outdoor sports facilities, land subdivision with land improvement (e.g. adding of roads, utility infrastructure etc.)
  • Specialized construction activities
    • Site preparation
      • Other site preparation activities
    • Other specialized construction activities
      • Other specialized building completion and finishing activities necessitating specialized skills and the use of related equipment n.e.c.