Mosanadat Alemdad Company Ltd.

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Prince Yazid bin Abdullah bin Abdulrahman - Al - Malqa District Unit No. 19 Riyadh 13523-6695
It is wholly owned company by Al Kathiri holding Co. that is responsible for providing logistical services and supporting the transport sector inside the company.
# الإسم
# الإسم

العقود سعر البناء (برنامج البناء الذاتي)

الإسم القيمة
سعر المتر المربع في حال الحصول على أقل من خمسة مشاريع 2500
سعر المتر المربع في حال الحصول على خمسة حتى عشرة مشاريع 2500
سعر المتر المربع في حال الحصول على أكثر من عشرة مشاريع 2300
عدد العقود النموذجية عدد العقود المسجلة
12 0


  • Construction of buildings
    • Construction of buildings
      • Construction of all types of residential buildings
  • Civil engineering
    • Construction of roads and railways
      • Construction and repair of motorways, streets, roads, other vehicular and pedestrian ways
      • Construction and repair of bridges or tunnels
  • Specialized construction activities
    • Electrical installation
      • Network wiring
    • Building completion and finishing
      • Other types of floor coverings
      • Installation of decor
      • Other decor and wallpaper installation activities
      • Interior and exterior painting of buildings
  • Services to buildings and landscape activities
    • Combined facilities support activities
      • Provision of maintenance services within facilities


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